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KHUMAARI- The Nocturnal Beast, PART 23

The Nocturnal Beast

Part 23
In Life And Death

"Running is easy, reaching is tough.
Long strides, harsh and fast, crushing the ground- but the destination grows farther apart.
The high sky, a blanket of violets and grays,
There are white birds that fly, and orange leaves that float,
Air so fresh and in the water moon glows.

But running is all that is done- One foot ever ahead of another.
Until at a stop, there is no more breath to take;
Only defeat and thoughts remain.
Ah! The musings about things that passed, and coming up with naught.
Running is easy, reaching is tough.
You realize.
For what you were following is left behind."

It must pain a lot when somebody died, Geet’s mind reeled unceremoniously. Like this inescapable ache, so strong that it just… killed you. That final blow which ended your existence, freed your soul; if there was a soul that is.

But she didn’t want to test how much it hurt while dying or if she had a soul. She only wanted to live.
It wasn’t in the least bit surprising that she had always foolishly believed there was a long life laid out ahead of her. Every person did same. Nobody really waited for their end when life in itself was nothing else than this slow-sometimes not so much-path stretching towards an inevitable death. Which only proved how stupidly ignorant people were.
How utterly insane she was!
But I am not dying. She still told herself stubbornly. Therefore, when a hand grabbed hers breaking the crazy run, Geet shouted back. I am not dying!
There was so much anguish in Maan’s coal-black gaze it almost made her weep. His face was nothing else but a dull, colorless picture depicting despair, shame… defeat.  It was scary, witnessing this fiercely conceited man staring back at her so weakly.
You disgust me. She angrily thumped his chest with the flat of her palms. Two days of frustration, loneliness and turmoil blasted out of her in form of anger. He stumbled rubbing his chest where she had hit him. Geet knew she had hurt him, only not physically- she was hardly capable of that.
What is this, huh? Pain laced her words. Who gave you the right to talk about me like that? My death? Do you think it’s a joke? You pull that stint of complete disappearance for two days, and when I find you, you are discussing how I am going to die with oh-I-am-so-smart-I-know-it-all-doctor. What the hell is wrong with you?
Maan finally raised his red-rimmed eyes to meet hers, and she for the first time noticed the crazy gleam in them. No words came out of his mouth just his throat worked. He kept rubbing his chest as though she hadn’t slapped and rather stabbed him there. He came up with, You’ll die.
Geet laughed hysterically. Aren’t we all going to? Wait a second, you are nearly immortal but that doesn’t mean everyone else is too.
You are dying. He reframed. And you’ll die sooner if you stayed with me. He breathed through his mouth afraid of speaking for the first time in his life. Its… because of me. You took my blood and now there are changes in your body that you can’t survive.
But you said werewolves are born not created. Geet said horrified.God, I can have feelings for a werewolf but I don’t want to become one, and in the process die.
You aren’t going to become one of us. What I said was truth, this wasn’t supposed to happen. He raked a hand through his hair messing them further, then held her hands in his. His hands were warm and sweaty. Geet, someone in your family is or was a werewolf, perhaps one your parents or grandparents. Parth ran a DNA test on your blood and he found the werewolf gene, dormant but now awakened after you came into contact with my blood. That’s why you fainted before in the closet.
I don’t understand any of this, Maan. She sobbed. She didn’t know any of her grandparents, had never met or seen them. And her parents… both of them were humans- that much she was sure of. For god’s sake, all her life she had been clueless about the presence of werewolf race on the face of earth, would have never believed in something so absurd if not for the breathing-walking proof standing in front of her.
Maan left her hands and Geet felt the loss of his warmth more than ever. His demeanor transformed- body straightened, shoulders squared and the perfect line of his jaw tightened. Through the mist in her eyes, Geet saw how his black iris turned crimson, like they did when he felt something too strong: lust, desire, anger... pain. In a span of few second he morphed from the man she had come to know and cared for to the ruthless beast she’d first met.
I am the reason behind this peril that has fallen upon you. My proximity makes it worse for you. If you stayed with me you’ll die sooner. He stared above at the quickly darkening sky. In a bit it’ll be night and the moon will rise. Today is the third day and last day of full moon. During these three nights of full moon our wolves comes to the upfront, those who have found their mates are overcome with a severe urge to copulate. Once the moon is there in the sky tonight, Geet, nobody can stop me fucking you and making you irrevocably mine. I’ll bring you a step and probably the last step closer to death. If you want to save yourself, run. Run north from here and don’t look back, you will reach the town. You can go back to your place. Perhaps you’ll live a little longer that way if not much.
Y- you want me to leave?
Maan growled leaning forth, baring his sharp fangs in unmistakable agreement. Go away before it’s too late. His eyes shone dangerously, the red so unnaturally apparent now. Geet took a step back, her human instincts on overdrive, warning of the danger that stood before her. She turned and did what was told. She ran.
Sharp, cold air slapped her cheeks knocking off the fat drops of her tears.
Geet was so scared; all she wanted was to get away. How her life had come to this point where she had to run for it without knowing what she was running from exactly. Although, the answer was clear. She was running from the Beast, who had upturned everything since he had kidnapped her from her apartment, unwillingly; forcing her to abandon her family and everything that she knew- dropping her into this insane world where she was utterly helpless… a meek, clueless prey- sometimes to circumstances n sometimes to his ministrations. And to think she had regarded him anything less than a monster.
He was the one who had promised a near eternity only to snatch away the small life she was gifted with. She was happy in the world she lived, with her imperfect family, always feeling sort of an outsider. He showed her what a real family was. He showed how exciting n enthralling the feeling of affection towards a guy can be, for everything to end in a disaster… for the new dreams to fade away perhaps in abyss of her death. With more distance that she covered, her run lost its vigor- legs losing their strength, body its vitality. The sole thing that augmented was the perpetual hole in her chest. The all too familiar black hole had taken birth and was swallowing her up- everything in her. Her hope, her light. The further she went, the shallower she felt.
Geet was sure that if she escaped she would live a long, healthy life because whatever Maan told couldn’t hold any truth. And yet, a voice inside her head bellowed unrelentingly.
Like she wasn’t running away from death but towards it. Like she would die this very moment without himHe was the security she sought, the ultimate protection.
She tried to block the voice out but it grew louder.
How could she feel so strongly about him?

“Taken, you are not one of us, doesn’t mean I am a stone and don’t feel. I lived two years without you. Every second was an agony. That dream that you had consistently, it was my wolf seeking you out. What kept me going was the knowledge that you were alive. My insides ate at me for leaving you when I could have taken you with me. I burned in hell every second and every second was like an eon.”

Maan… she cried, remembering his truthful confession.
And then she stopped, huffing, her breaths smoking in the cold night. In the distance a wolf howled, its echo cutting and sheer. It made her shiver. Under the glow of full moon between thick, black tress Geet stood still. Her eyes dry from the force of run against the wind. She looked ahead. Grisly trunks lining the ground alit with moonlight filtering through the branches and new leaves, some spots blessed with radiance, others lost in darkness.
Geet moved under the beam, and faced upward. The silver moon was partially hidden by darkened forest wood rising high up in the sky. Still the light found her face. Closing her eyes, all she could think of where she would go?
She knew it was the biggest mistake, she did it nonetheless. Unable to hold herself, she looked back.
Why the wrong course appeared to right?
As if one look opened the gate to all right thoughts.

“I am linked to you. Unfortunately, your life is mine.”

“If one of the mates die, the other will die shortly.”

His previously said words hit her colder than the wind. Was he going too if she did? He didn’t say anything about that. Why? She didn’t want to die, but as psychotic as it sounded she didn’t want him dying, perhaps more than herself.
It took her only a second to go back on her decision and turn around. No she wouldn’t run away, not this time. Not from Maan.
Unlike before, her legs had new lift. The ground was more supporting, the forest less scary. She ran and she ran, and the pain in her chest began to subside; she could feel herself blossoming with his nearness.
She was getting to him. Oh yes, she was. She ran this time not of fear but with vigor, shedding the weariness and confusion like old skin. She was filled with life even before reaching her destination, so when she saw Maan at the exact spot she had left him; there was a smile on her lips.
You didn’t leave. She said catching her breath.
I was hoping against hope that you would come back.
Oh, Maan. She slammed into him, their lips finding each other and chests coming together where their half hearts made a whole.
She rested her cheek on his shoulder and he held her close, so close, afraid she would disappear if he let go. You are going to die too, aren’t you?
With you. He answered as if that justified it all. I am sorry. I have already lived long, almost eighty years, while you stand at the brink of adulthood. I didn’t mean to do this to you. Why you came back?
She stepped back, breaking free of his embrace. You think I could go back to my old life, after knowing all this, after knowing you? And live like I used to? I would rather die short here with my eighty year old, wild beast than live meaninglessly for however long. She admitted it more to herself than to him.
Although his eyes were swarmed with tears, he guffawed. You have lost what little sanity you had. Cupping her face, he said with determination and reverence. I am not going to let us die so easily. I’ll do everything in my power to save you; I promise it, my beloved mate, upon my life and honor.
Geet had no doubt on that. I know. She noticed the firm flick of his tightly pressed jaws, the heated warmth and stiffness of his palms against her skin. And now I want you to make love to me. I know what you need.
He certainly didn’t expect to hear her absolute submission. His eyes widened, the crimson shade there darkening even further. She could see the hint of fangs as he spoke with difficulty. Are you… sure? I could lock myself up again for this night, stay underground till the moon is gone and sun comes up. He said, but he didn’t want to do that. No, no, no, not at all. What he wanted was to bury himself so deep in her that nothing could ever separate them, not even death. His wolf was on fire, mad with lust. Maan couldn’t even look at Geet without imagining her naked and sweaty, and asking him to do dirty things to her.
With evident pain she said. Is that where you were, for past two nights? She got her answer in his silence; it steeled her resolve. I am sure. I want this.
Maan wanted her to know what she was getting herself into. After this there would be no going back. You might die.
And so will you. Are you afraid, wolf?
The way she said it made the blood sing in his veins. With a sweep he lifted her petite form in arms n set off in a fast sprint deeper into the forest. The wind whistled in her ears, but his body gave her warmth. Soon enough, she could hear the sound of gushing water. They came out of the trees into the small clearing beside the waterfall. The sprinkling drops of falling water were tepid on her skin.
Maan had informed her it was due to the hot water spring on the river bed half a mile away. The water was boiling hot there, but here at the fall it was lukewarm n pond below was cold as the water continued to flow slowly ahead.
Her attention was brought back to the Maan when he jumped over one of the giant ancient rocks that covered the periphery of the pond. Geet shrieked, clutching onto him tightly. That didn’t succeed in dissuading him for he continued to make way towards the waterfall, leaping from rock to rock with grace n finesse of a panther, until they stood right below the hill off which the water fell. Geet’s heart gave a lurch when he didn’t stop even then.
He crouched low on his legs and then they were rising up, landing on a narrow outcrop on the steep hill. Maan had to free his one arm to grab a handhold.
Mother of monkeys! Geet screamed almost hanging down against Maan’s body, her hands tightly shackled around his neck. Water streamed down beside, damping them; however, she didn’t have half a mind to notice that. Closing her eyes she wrapped her legs around Maan’s waist, drenched in fear.
Good girl. Maan praised her strong hold on him. It was both smart of her and utterly pleasurable for him.
Geet felt Maan shifting, and jumping n then jumping some more. Till the moment he put her down n there was flat surface below her feet she didn’t open her eyes. She punched his arm. I take my words back; I’m definitely running away from you.
With an amused chuckle Maan sat down cross-legged. That was when Geet took in her surroundings. The water showering down into the pond ahead of them, almost white n somewhat fizzy, the smooth stone walls around and finally the silver moon hazy through the moving wall of falling stream. They were in a shallow cave-like formation behind the waterfall. The air was moist n warm inside the diminutive cave, tall enough for only Geet to stand. Where are we?
This is another of my favorite place. I found it when I was a kid. Whenever Dad was mad at me for doing something bad, I used to come and hide in here. I stayed for hours, sometimes the entire night. I don’t think anyone knows about this cave other than me.
Oh. Geet breathed, elated that Maan had trusted her with his secret hude-out. Are we going to… do it here? She asked conscious, reminiscing what they were going to do. To make matters worse her clothes were soaking wet, stuck to her quite provocatively. It was a small relief she had a jacket on.
Only if you want to. He whispered taking her hand n bringing her closer.
It’s perfect. She spoke shyly. After all we first got to know each other in the wild.
Yes, we did. His gaze was heated as it raked over her as though he saw her for the first time. Considering the nature of our intensions, I think I should remove your clothes.
A bright blush colored her neck n face. Maan had merely touched her hand and she was already incredibly aroused. Will I get to remove yours?
Hell, yes. Placing large palms on her butt, he held her in place and opened her jeans button with his teeth and pulled the zipper down in a similar manner. Sucking in a sharp breath, Geet concluded that his mouth was just as deft as his fingers. I have come to love these white, cotton panties. Her legs quivered as Maan slid the jeans down her legs and helped her step out of them.
Uncertainly, she shrugged out of her jacket n dropped it over the jeans. Maan tugged at her hand n with a gulp, she had to sit on his leg. You seem scared. He spoke huskily, opening her shirt buttons and realizing with a jolt that she didn’t have a bra on. A certain part of his male anatomy stirred with thrill at the surprising discovery.
Oh, don’t tell me my fear is turning you on! She exclaimed. Thank god it’s dark in here.
I can perfectly see in the dark.
Shit! I forget that. She tried to hide herself as much as she could with two hands and began to explain. I was… I was feeling queasy and tense so skipped… the bra.
Don’t hide yourself from me. He growled possessively, locking both her hands behind her back so she was totally vulnerable. This, he laid a kiss on her breast and then one on the other breast. And this. Are mine.
It was sudden, it was dark and dirty. Geet squirmed, rippling all over. The touch of his lips on her sensitive buds made her core clench with a need she had never known.
How is it fair that I am almost naked and you have all clothes on? She croaked.
Maan got rid of her shirt. I am certainly not resisting your advances, am I? He said with a roll of eyes.
After taking a fruitless moment to compose her raging nerves she grabbed the hem of Maan’s T-shirt and pulled it off his head. Now the jeans. She announced idiotically. Her hands were shaking at his button.
Seven hells if Maan could deny his total sick enjoyment in her fear. She undressed him with the innocent nervousness of a virgin and his savage half was howling in pleasure with the knowledge that she was and will always be his. Mate. It growled and purred, rolling and stumbling in anticipation of what was about to happen.
If truth be told Maan was nervous too. Just a little. He assured himself. He had fucked many female, werewolves and humans, and even a couple of witches. But this, this was his mate. Before having taken her he knew she would give him an all new meaning of pleasure. He wanted to do the same for her.
Maan didn’t know why he had ever bothered going for other females. They were of no consequence. The momentary enjoyment he had obtained from them felt meaningless and shallow now. His experience in the field currently didn’t give him much confidence either. With Geet he might as well have been a virgin. He wanted to please her enormously so she had no doubt that he-and only he-was her perfect match, so that she would never look at another male the way she looked at him. All her needs and desires should end with him, at him, for however long they lived.
When his jeans were gone, Geet timidly placed her cold palms on his chest feeling around the firm and smooth pectorals and the rapidly beating heart inside- surely, it wasn’t natural even for him. It was because of her, right? She had always wanted to explore his seamless body with such intimacy but was too proud and shy to do so. Finally being able to do it knowing that this was just the beginning; brought her a feeling of libration.
I wish we had time for this. But I am running out of patience, sugar.
She blinked and bewitched by his gorgeousness kissed his jaw in an act of unrestricted boldness. A rumble sounded deep in his throat. He wondered if she was doing this to him deliberately. Perhaps a part of her did desire teasing him. He would have his revenge, he determined, just not tonight.
The boxers have to go. He instructed with urgency in his voice. Geet seemed to get the hint, and slid the boxers off Maan’s well-built legs. She didn’t look down at… his junior and instead closed her eyes.
Her thoughts broke with a certain ripping sound. No sooner had she realized that it was her panties-for which Maan had confessed his undying love just minutes ago-than she was very proficiently pushed on her back. The ground was a hard layer underneath her, balmy in its roughness. His weight over her was delicious- his naked weight. She couldn’t even complain because her throat was dry, capable of making only embarrassing noises. His mouth-Oh! his mouth-found her neck, kissing n licking its way around and finally settling at the base, where he growled and then nipped delicately.
Geet was positively intoxicated. She felt too much, too little. She was shaken up by how right and great it felt. This was meant to be, written before she decided to take this path. This was where she’d always belonged.
Feel it. She didn’t know what he meant until he guided her hand lower between them to his junior.
He moaned throatily when her unsuspecting hand came in contact with him. Driven by his unmasked enthusiasm she took hold of him. Now, Geet had never touched a man’s penis, she had never seen one. But, they weren’t supposed to be so big! She couldn’t wrap the junior up completely in her fist n it was long, the tip smoother than the rest. So soft and yet so… hard.
Like it? Maan asked.
Like it? Good god, it’s gonna hurt so much.
To her utter dismay, Maan was grinning. Werewolf mating is not same as human one. You’ll know what I mean. Kissing the valley between her breasts, his head started to descend.
Oh-my-god, no. Maan grabbed her protesting arms in one hands and urged her legs apart. Geet wanted the ground to swallow her. She was totally bare down there. She had begun to shave as soon as she had gotten hair in her southern region. She had always felt clean that way, although now, as Maan’s eyes squarely drank her in-especially hearing his sharp intake of breath-Geet wished there was something to hide her from those dark orbs.
I didn’t expect this. He confessed staring at her face now, the red bleeding into the black of his eyes which glowed eerily in the darkness. She saw him lick a pointed fang with his tongue and laid her head back well aware that she was doomed. He dug in after that, eating at her. No matter how much she wriggled, struggled n begged for mercy, he didn’t stop. He had her his way, using the skilled tongue and sharp, pointed teeth to his advantage, bending her to his liking. All Geet could do was cry out of pleasure and sweet torture, trying not to explode.



I am terribly late again. Those who read my other FF already know that I have been going through tough times when it comes to writing. I m not going to bore you again with my excuses. I feel bad for updating after centuries n going through comments of readers who were waiting desperately.
I want to tell you guys that I could type this part only because of you, only because I know some people love this story n are waiting. A part of me really wants to quit but I continue because of you all.
So I am immensely and heartily thankful.


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