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KHUMAARI- The Nocturnal Beast, PART 22

The Nocturnal Beast


Geet was a small town girl grown up between overprotective men-her father and two brothers. Her only dream was to complete PG and become a psychologist. Living on her own in an apartment away from family as a rebellion act against her father who wouldn't allow her to go out of town again for her PG, she had never imagined that her life would take such a drastic turn in the blink of an eye.

It happened one night, when her modest apartment was broken into by a devastatingly handsome yet ruthless man who abducted her and took her to a lonesome island in middle of nowhere. The man happened to be completely arrogant and self obsessed. Announcing himself as Maan Singh Khurana, he claimed that he wasn't a man and rather a werewolf and that he had marked her two years ago at a party because she was his MATE. Having a scientific and practical mind, and also studying psychology, Geet believed him to be a lunatic. During her stay at the island, she discovered otherwise for he appeared quite sane apart from his weird talks. Utterly scared and cut off from the world, Geet tried to flee a number of times but all her attempts failed. Her rock-hard will to get away deterred a little not by fear but an unexpected and loving action that saved her life. Her savior was the same man-werewolf-that she had considered a beast and had attacked almost killing him. Somewhere touched and finding no escape she agreed when he told her he was to take her to his home.
On their way to his place that was in the same cold region as her town but still far away, she attempted another run off only to be stopped by a wolf bigger than any normal wolf. Struck and bewildered, her mind had no reason but to finally believe Maan's word.
The changes were not just in Geet but Maan too. He understood how important the human female was to him n not just because his life was tied to hers as she was his predestined mate but also because he had began to feel for her, deeply. Against all his complains and objections, he realized that she indeed was his perfect match.
Upon reaching his home where his clan and family awaited, he introduced his mate proudly to everyone. Geet met Maan's big, royal family that lived in a big mansion fondly called The Den. Maan's father who leaded his family also leaded the whole clan because he was The Alpha, the king without a crown. Polite and full of life, Geet didn't take time in becoming a part of the family which was united and accepted her with love because she was Maan's mate and thus one of them. The remaining clan also accepted her when the human valiantly threw herself in between a helpless kid from their pack and wild wolves. Both, the kid and Geet got saved because Maan sensed the danger through his connection to Geet and came on time warding off the wild creatures.
All didn't remain well, however. The abode of protector troop's head-Vidhuat-was attacked and his imbecile mate was kidnapped by some unknown entity. A wounded and ferocious Vidhuat from the loss of his beloved mate was being kept down with the help of drugs until there was no lead found regarding his mate's whereabouts.
Meanwhile, the clan's medic, Paras-who had earlier taken Geet's blood sample to run DNA tests, found out that Geet had recessive werewolf genes which had been awakened by Maan's blood in her system. Since, Werewolves were born and not turned her survival was impossible and with her Maan's too. The fact broke Maan but upon knowing the truth he decided to hide it from Geet who had become his everything.
Somewhere far away from their clan, in the jungles, Vidhuat's mate Chavvi was held captive by the bad guys in the old church ruins. The once holy place had now turned dark and evil. Droh, who was behind it all, was brutal and heartless with intentions less than righteous. Even his mate-Sheen-couldn't stop him from sending another message to Maan's clan. Droh sent reckless males into Chavvi's room asking them to spare just her life and take everything else.
Meanwhile, in Paras's clinic, Vidhuat gained consciousness sensing that his mate was in pain. With difficulty Paras and his mate Trisha gave him another shot of sedative sending him into oblivion before he could cause any serious damage. Next day Paras went to Den to inform the Alpha (Maan's father), Rudra, about the grave situation and of Vidhuat's condition. Geet, who was listening to the conversation, suggested that Vidhuat should be given a chance to find his mate to which Rudra agreed but not before Vidhuat was completely healed.
On the other hand, due to some reason unknown to Geet Maan was suddenly very distant. He leaves her alone in his quarters for an entire night. There was no sign of him until the next morning when Paras came to inform about Vidhuat. When Geet tried to confront him he shouted at her in front of everyone. Geet felt humiliated and heart broken when he left for the town without apologizing or explaining.
At the old church ruins, when later Sheen went to see Chavvi, she found her in bad shape, abused and torn. Somehow hiding from Droh's minions, the guilt ridden yet scared Sheen helped Chavvi, provided her with clothes, a wash and most importantly, a friend.
Alpha, Maan and others are trying their best to find Chavvi but to no avail. A night and day has passed without Geet seeing Maan. She feels restless and torn without Maan and couldn't understand her own desperation for him. The book Geet had stolen-borrowed-from the witches abode has an ancient script which she couldn't read. From Niyati she finds out that there is a library in Den and the librarian there could help her with the book. She goes to meet him and surely he told her that he could decode the book. They decide to meet the next day. Left with nothing else to do, utterly edgy and bored Geet runs into Niyati and Parth in the hallway at night catching them in a compromising position. The encounter ends on embarrassing note and arouses renewed yearning in Geet.
For some reason, Maan has locked himself in an underground cell below the Den to keep himself away from the one thing his mind, body and beast craves... his mate. Without Geet he is suffering too and yet couldn't find a way to protect her other than locking himself up. 

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1.I would suggest you read the short (not actually) summary given above first or this part would go over your head.

2. For those who don't know, Lycan' is a synonym for Werewolf. Also, I often use a short form for Werewolf which is Were'.

3. There was much confusion about the whole Werewolf Gene thing in Geet. Well, I am not exactly an DNA expert but I know a bit and would try to explain. Every being inherits a combination of genes from his/her father and mother-which they inherit from their parents-which is unique and defines the various physical and mental traits of that individual. When you get two contradictory traits from your mother and father, one becomes recessive (inactive) and the other is dominant. Say if one of your parents is tall and other one is short, and you are tall means that the short trait is recessive and the tall trait is dominant in you. It's totally random. You might be tall but it's possible that your sibling is short although he/she has the same parents.

Same is with Geet; one of her parents or grandparents was werewolf. But Geet is a human because that gene which could make her a werewolf was recessive (inactive) and the human part of her was dominant. Coming in contact with Maan and drinking his blood has done some hocus-pocus with her genes and awakened that werewolf part. Since both human and werewolf genes are contradictory only one could sustain. This fight for dominance will kill Geet as the werewolf part of her is trying to take over her humanity. But since her body is that of a human and so is weak, she couldn't last long. Obviously, this thing is not possible in real because, well, werewolves n all don't exist in real life.

I hope I was able to explain it to you and made sense at the same time. Who knew high school bio lessons could come so handy.

4. I have done some changes in the parts I have posted till now because I realized I have changed the story since the time I had started it. Part 7, where Maan tells who all there in his family... I have made changes to that because I had changed it later. I have changed Cotton pic in Part 2, if you are unable to see it on IF then go to the blog the link is below the respective part. Apart from these I have made some minor changes that include the number of days since Maan and Geet first met in her apartment and etcetera. Those are not that important so there is nothing to worry about.

5. Thanks for reading this insanely long important note.

Part 22
Truth And Tale

You want me to do what? An incredulous Garv asked. He stood before the window, light spilled through it, unusually harsh over his face.

Maan's eyes were trained straight at Garv. It's not much. You have to get your witch talking. See if she knows anything, doubts someone from her coven who might be betraying us. Or it could be that they all are back stabbing us together. You just have to get it out.

Garv chuckled dryly. The sound of your witch' was definitely nice to his ears but he knew that was far from the truth. She is not my witch.

Then what should I call her, your bitch? A snarl tore out of Garv's chest and Maan smirked. See, that's my point.

Sensing the temperature rising, Avinaya decided to intervene. Listen bro, I support Maan on this one. We actually have no other lead. An accidental shot in dark can prove right and take us to Chhavi.

Seriously? Garv grimaced. You want me to seduce a young witch into telling secrets of her coven against not just our father but also the directions of our Alpha.

Yes. Maan said easily.

Avinaya just shrugged. You don't exactly have to go all the way if you don't want to, only sweet talk her a little.

Garv shook his head as if that would somehow help him making sense of his brothers' nonsense. During their childhood, they had played many pranks together upon others. Yet this wasn't some innocent ploy of childhood naughtiness. This was taking advantage of an unsuspecting female who, Garv knew, was as nave as they came. Playing with females might be one of your favorite past times but I don't do it. And this won't work... she didn't even come to meet me.

But she kissed you. Maan pointed out.

After staring at Maan wide-eyed for a few seconds, Garv spoke acidly. So your beloved mate opened her sweet little mouth, didn't she?

Maan's eyes narrowed. Geet has nothing to do with this. I had no idea that she knew about your rendezvous. Avi told me. Avinaya froze like a deer caught in headlights. The point is- Maan continued. You have to do this for our clan. A mere female couldn't possibly stand as hurdle between you and what's right for everyone.

Garv gritted his teeth because he had nothing to argue back. Who was she to him anyway? Hell, fine. He spat out. I'll do it.

As the middle brother stormed out of his own room, Avinaya said to Maan. You are an asshole.

One of Maan's eyebrows rose. You speak as though I already don't know.

Geet strolled towards the library wondering if she would seem overly naggy to Gyaan. Sun was still high in sky and it weren't even twenty four hours since she had last visited him. And yet, she was way too desperate to sit in the quarters twiddling her thumbs. She wanted to know what was there in the book.

She found him behind his desk, a big magnifying glass held between deft fingers. He peered down intently into the book that she had given through the glass. A note pad and pen rested beside the book, the page full of unintelligible scribbling.

Hey. Geet said startling Gyan with her sudden appearance. Err, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Gyan regained himself and kept the magnifying glass down. He smiled his friendly smile. You aren't what I would call scary.

For some reason, his words made her blush. Her cheeks always had this tendency to reddening at most bizarre things. Maybe, it was because Gyan was a guy and he wasn't ugly to the eyes either. Um, did you figure out what's in the book?

Yes, kind of. I couldn't decode the whole of it yet but got the gist. It's an ancient myth, folklore to be precise for werewolves. Everyone knows about it, the story has been passed on to us through generations. Nobody knows if it's true. I personally don't believe the story, although I can't entirely dismiss it too.

What kind of folklore is it? Geet asked intrigued.

One that grannies recite to their grandkids before sleeping. It goes something like this; thousands of years ago it is believed that there was just one clan of Lycans, the first clan. It was lead by a very capable Alpha named Bhoja. He and his mate, the Alpha female, were blessed by the Moon and Stars; they had several godly powers that helped them to insure the survival of clan.

One day, a new tribe stepped into their land. Although, they looked and spoke like the Lycans, they couldn't shift. Also they had a number of newborns in the tribe which was never the case with Lycans as they couldn't reproduce so fast. Surely this new tribe was different, they were humans.

Alpha Bhoja, being a just and doting leader and noting that the humans looked so much like the Lycans' civilized form, welcomed them into their land. Now, Lycans aren't curious creatures by nature. To adapt with changes wasn't in their disposition and this had acted as a barrier in their development, whereas, humans knew more in lesser time. They knew how to dig canals to irrigate the fields and so on. Lycans barely depended on cultivation and rather hunted which was difficult considering the large size of their clan. It also created food shortage when in harsh weather the animals migrated. So Lycans took help from humans and learned from them, in exchange they helped them in hunting and gave them protection.

Just like they do to the witches. Geet piped in.

Yeah, just like that. Gyan said not minding the interruption. For several centuries the Lycan clan and the Human tribe lived together wherein humans multiplied much faster than Lycans surpassing their number by a long shot. Apparently, Alpha Bhoja didn't have a child but after a long wait he and his mate were blessed with a daughter-Shachi, she grew up into a beautiful female. With time the successive leader of human tribe, Jidal, grew greedy. He wanted the whole land to himself without accompaniment of the Lycans but knew he couldn't ward them off simply as they were stronger. His hunger for power made him conjure a cruel plan for which he used his own son. His son, Himar, was a young and brave man.

Jidal sent him to entrap Shachi's heart knowing well that Alpha Bhoja wouldn't be able to take the blow of his daughter's betrayal and fall weak. That was when he planned to strike.

Everything, however, didn't go according to Jidal's imaginings. His plan backfired massively when his son also fell for Shachi. They both had fallen for each other madly at a time when Lycan matings were done between predestined mates only. Although, human and Lycans inhabited together, a lycan-human mating was unacceptable. However, hearts in love being forever the hopeful; both Shachi and Himar thought that once bonded, their fathers would accept the union. They decided to consummate their love in a cave. Alpha got the wind of it and before they could complete the bonding ritual, he barged into the cave and killed Himar mercilessly.

A grieved Shachi was heartbroken. Alpha Bhoja assured her that when time came her predestined would take birth and she could mate with him since she hadn't bonded with Himar. Shachi was inconsolable. She cursed her father and the entire Lycan clan. This clan that you take so much pride in would disintegrate, forced to hide forever. You will lose your everything, as I have lost my mate, my everything.' With those final words she took her dead mate in arms and jumped off the cliff on top of which the cave lay.

Hearing about the slaughter of his son, Jidal raged war against the Lycans. Bhoja was miserable and couldn't lead the clan. Lycans lost, many were killed, and rest was forced to flee. Seeing no other option, they prayed to Stars and taking mercy on them, Starlyiht-messenger from the sky-came forward to help. She told that the curse couldn't be undone and showed a way around it. Those responsible had to go. The Alpha and his mate willingly gave up their lives. Starlyiht chose ten new Alphas and asked them to take the remaining Lycans to ten different bearings and start anew. They had to stay hidden and in coming times seek the white magic witches who would need help and give them assistance at the same time.

So you see; that's the reason why we don't trust humans. Although I think our revulsion towards human race is more instinct than a result of this story, which is most probably formation of a very creative mind.

Geet took a deep breath. Quite the story teller you are.

I reiterated the book. If you want a more sensational version of this tale you should go to my grandmaa.

I don't understand, why me? Suppose the story is true, how it could have any relation to me?

I wish I had the answer to that. Gyaan was similarly puzzled.

Is there anything else in the book apart from stories?

Yeah, there is a record of the ten clans that had disintegrated, like where they went... see this. He turned about the book, presenting a dirty map on the yellowed page of which Geet couldn't get the head and tail of. I have never seen something like this, didn't consider that those ten clans existed. He continued quite excitedly. The way it's given here you could almost believe that they did.

Geet didn't share Gyaan's excitement, if anything, she felt exhausted. She had imagined all sorts of coverts in the book, had also imagined that it could magically tell her a way to rescue Chhavi-because why else it would want Geet to read it-but all that remained just in her mind. She felt bad thinking there was nothing they could do for Chhavi and Vidhuat. Worst thing was that she couldn't share this bad feeling with Maan. The loneliness was weighing down on her no matter how hard she tried to fight it.

You seem so much troubled. Gyaan remarked. Have you not slept?

Geet rubbed her forehead. Not really. I- I am not feeling well.

Gyaan stared intensely at the small human girl who seemed to shrink under his gaze. He tried to guess her age because she appeared very young. To think that a human girl, so fragile and sweet, could be Maan's predestined was something sort of witnessing a jaguar forcefully befriending a gazelle. No wonder she looked lost and weak with no sign of Maan there with her. No female, human or were, deserved that.

I can understand that its tough- Gyaan started empathically and kept his hand on Geet's.

No. She shrieked, retracting her hand and cradling it against her chest. She gave him an accusing frown then realized that he hadn't done anything, which was more disturbing. I am sorry. She said confused. You shouldn't touch me; I have been rather sensitive lately, like my skin is on fire. She attempted a small laugh.

It's the calling.

The- calling? Geet raised her brows.

Yes. It's from your mate. Ahem... you know that time of month.

I am not getting what you're trying to say. Geet told cocking her head, more confused than ever.

You should really talk to Maan.

But he is not there.

Gyaan cursed the Alpha's son in his head. He wasn't very fond of Maan to begin with and this irresponsibility with his mate just made him want to strangle the other male. Listen Geet, I don't think you would appreciate me telling you about it. If not Maan then you should probably talk to some other female. Ask Niyati, she will be able to answer all your questions.

Okay. Geet gave him a weird look. Thank you for the help. I am going to leave this book with you.

That would be nice. Take care of yourself. He meant those words. As Geet ambled out of the library flashing him another grateful smile, Gyaan knew that it wasn't tough to like that human or develop a protective side towards her.

Anything that could be compared to her mind at the moment was an active volcano, Geet decided. Inside her head was hot lava of questions, swirling and steaming up. She was scared of her head bursting with pressure.

Geet elected to take one step at a time. As suggested by Gyaan, she set forward to talk to Niyati about whatever this calling' thingy was. Since the whole book issue was nothing more than an ancient saga, it was certainly not as much important as the bizarre reactions of her body and mind.

Okay, so she missed Maan. It sounded pathetic yet was true. Although, how could she feel so edgy and plain incomplete without a guy she hadn't known throughout the nineteen years of her life and had met barely three weeks ago? It wasn't even a novel or movie scenario, where the girl misses the overrated love of her life. This was more. This ran inside her, an undercurrent, like a constant reminder of something that had gone away and should have been there, present with her. In her. And the hole that she kind of felt all the time, grew larger; perhaps feeding on the strength that kept her going and would soon douse.

Geet sighed. To her bad luck Niyati and Parth had gone out. She debated whether it would be fitting to seek Maan's mother. A part of her was uncertain although she recalled the small talk from earlier in the morning where Jhanvi had assured that Geet could talk to her about anything and the decision was made for her. One thing she had learned since her world turned upside down was that her inhibitions would take her nowhere. So, with a determined stride, Geet walked towards the Alpha's study. Since Jhanvi wasn't in kitchen, Rudra's study was most likely where she might be because her mate practically lived there.

Bingo! Before seeing Geet knew Jhanvi was there in Rudra's study because she could hear them talking. She peeped in through the doorway and found Jhanvi on Rudra's lap. Panicky Geet thought it was going to be a repeat of her encounter with Niyati and Parth, but thankfully it wasn't. A sweet, cuddly moment was going on inside. A distressed looking Rudra was sighing over something while Jhanvi smothered the worry lines on his forehead. Not having in her heart to disturb them with her never-ending problems, Geet left the couple alone before they noticed her.

Left with nothing to occupy her, Geet thought that she should rather step out of the Den, which despite its enormity seemed far too small for her now.

I should probably go and check on Vidhuat at Parth's clinic. There I might also find if they have been able to get some clue on where Chhavi is or who has kidnapped her. Geet was contemplating when her eyes caught a glimpse of Robe, rushing inside a room with a pile of spreads in his large hands, always busy. How he moved his massive frame with such swiftness was beyond her. She stopped him before he disappeared.

Yes, M'lady.

Geet rolled her eyes at his mannerism. Did you see Maan?

No. Not since last evening.

He didn't have breakfast or lunch?

No, I don't think so.

Is he still there in Den or has he already left?

I am afraid I don't know that either. Sire leaves as and when he pleases. It's difficult to keep track of him.

Who knows that better than me, Geet thought grudgingly. Okay, if you see him- you know what just let him be. I don't really care if he sails merrily in a sea of roses or burns in hell. She huffed then smiled over sweetly to back up her words, pretending that she didn't care. The idea that Robe probably could smell her feelings didn't escape her but she wasn't one to give up and pine after a specific dumb head. I am going to Parth's clinic to see how Vidhuat is doing.

Oh, M'lady, would you mind if I accompany you? I will drive you to the clinic.

It's not necessary. The clinic is close by and I know the way since I have been there a few times.

But I insist. I have to go to the town so I'll drop you at the clinic and pick you up in an hour or so.

Okay, as you say. Geet conceded tiredly when just a while ago she had thought she wasn't one to give up. Phew, Robe could be pretty persistent when he wanted to be.

At the clinic Robe drove away, Geet turned to get inside the humble looking facility. Just as she stepped in a weird tingly feeling fluttered in her gut but she ignored it.

When she entered Vidhuat's room, he was still lying out cold. Although he looked better- at least his wounds were almost healed, only faint scars were left at their wake and a pained expression that refused to leave his hard face. They would soon bring him back to consciousness. How will he cope with Chhavi's absence? It was going to be ugly, Geet knew, since she had experienced firsthand how fierce Vidhuat could be. Something told that her experience with him was nothing compared to what he would do when he came back to his senses.

Wish I could help you. She whispered sadly tracing a scar at the back of his hand tentatively with her finger tips. It seems we are on the same page. Only yours is taken and mine is gone.

More distraught after seeing Vidhuat, she proceeded towards Parth's cabin-cum-lab. Before she could step in though, a voice interrupted her stride, freezing her on spot.

How come you know the problem and still can't find a cure? It was Maan speaking looking exhausted... and disheveled in a way she had never seem him before. His white shirt was crumpled, untucked... the guy was wearing plain slippers and not his usual branded shoes. There were dark shadows under his eyes. Geet almost didn't recognize him.

Parth sighed heavily. I have tried everything, talked to some other physicians too that could have helped. But it's genetic Maan. I never claimed I could cure her.

Damn. He ran a hand through his hair, making them messier. Damn. He shouted again shoving a chair against the marble floor. A thunk' resounded then the chair lay innocently, one metallic leg twisted and arm bent from where Maan had held it. Like all energy drained from him, his head lowered. He was breathing hard. I am starting to feel like it's my entire fault. Tears clouded her vision at his helpless tone.

Perhaps you should talk to Geet. Parth suggested resignedly.

And tell her what? That she is going to die because of me? Geet's air supply stopped with those words. That I might have been able to search for a cure if I wasn't burning with need to take her? I had promised to protect her but... but I am doing nothing because of this full moon.

You couldn't have helped-

Both the males turned, their gaze halting on Geet who had moved back and knocked herself against the waiting bench. Deep in conversation they hadn't noticed her earlier.

I am going to die? She spoke, head buzzing and throat dry. But... I never had a fatal disease.

Her chest suddenly felt very heavy and every hair on her body stood to its end. How could she die? She was too young. She had a long life ahead of her, right? She turned about not knowing if someone was talking, crying or yelling. She had to get away. Go to a place where people weren't discussing her death. She wasn't dying. She couldn't.



Kaboom! At least a few secrets are out about the book and Geet's inherited Gene. This one was actually kind of a filler update with this and that, and no Maaneet. I am sorry for that. This part had to be posted. It was very important for Maaneet as upon this revelation depends where their relation would go. Next part is going to be Geet's final decision over flight or fight for love.

I know it has been a long time, many of you might even be wondering whether I have given up writing. Well, I am going through a rough phase. I had no motivation whatsoever and nothing seemed to go right when it came to typing, so I had taken a break which is not yet over. Its only because I felt extremely bad for those few people who were kind enough to show that they missed the story and posted waiting on the thread that I have been able to assemble this part. Yes, assemble, because I wrote it in parts with long intervals in mid. I know that this is a small consolation for your long wait, not just for one but two stories. But only this much I could do at the moment. I don't know when I am going to update next, although I can assure that I will finish both the stories. Thanks for bearing with me.


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